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The Visible World is Slouka’s second novel which tells us a story about a Czech immigrant living in the U.S. The Visible World is a spontaneous story about a man trying to understand the love affair of his mother. His young mother was in love with a guy named Tomas since her early age who was killed in Czechoslovakia during World War 2. She spent her life watching soap operas and was a chain smoker at the age of 64.

The second section of book narrates how the narrator leaves his job and relocates himself in Prague where once his parents resided. He moves to Prague to know more about the love affair of his then young mother and her lover, Tomas. The narrator deeply feels that his mother’s unhappiness was due to untimely end of her love affair. Ultimately, being unsuccessful to gain knowledge about their affair, he imagines the two in a dramatic love story during the situation of war which leads to birth of his own love story.

The Visible World is a moving story which explains how the narrator was keen to uncover the reason behind his mother’s unhappiness and finds out that it was due to untimely end of her love story. This story is about journey of the narrator to Prague which unfolds beautifully. Come, and find more such stories at Readsaga.